Happy Winter!?

Happy Winter!?  For those of you in this side of the world anyways. For those on the other side – Happy Summer!  And for those who celebrate – Happy Holiday! I can’t believe it’s been so long already. Sorry for the delay, again, I was waiting to see what was going to happen.  Well, sad … Continue reading

Can’t believe it’s July already!

How’s it going? Hope you’re all having a super summer.  I’ve decided that I’ve got no focus.  I’m like a magpie, easily distracted by shiny things – or anything really.  I’ve also decided that I’m a serial starter.  I’ve got about 40 stories started and on Wednesday I started another one.  Really?  No focus at … Continue reading

Happy Summer

Happy summer! Did you miss me?  I certainly missed being here.  So sorry for the extra long delay.  For those of you guys with awesome imaginations – no, I wasn’t abducted by aliens, or whisked away to some fairy tale land, and I was not in jail.  But the food was almost as bad as … Continue reading

Flash Fiction Oct 23 on KMNBooks

On October 23 I’ll be on KMNBooks.blogspot.ca.  I’ve written a short (boy was it hard to keep it short) story called Scarecrow Scare.  These scarecrows have something on their mind and they’re not afraid to show you. I’m thrilled! This is my very first guest blog and flash fiction.  It was a lot of fun … Continue reading

Charity Sip 2013

Our Bloghop Starts Here: Torquere Press You might ask what a Sip is – it’s a short story. In this case, 21 authors have gotten together to donate 100% of their royalties to Outserve (www.sldn.org) and Torquere, the publisher, will be matching our donations.  It’s a great charity that helps with equal rights for LGBT … Continue reading

Tomorrow’s the big day!

Tomorrow’s the day when my story “It’s Good to be Home” comes out.  I’m so excited.  Every year Torquere Press publishes stories from authors who volunteer their work.  The authors have all agreed to donate 100% of their Royalties to a charity and Torquere Press will be matching those contributions.  This year’s donations are going … Continue reading