Tomorrow’s the big day!

Tomorrow’s the day when my story “It’s Good to be Home” comes out.  I’m so excited.  Every year Torquere Press publishes stories from authors who volunteer their work.  The authors have all agreed to donate 100% of their Royalties to a charity and Torquere Press will be matching those contributions.  This year’s donations are going to Outserve (, a non-profit organization dedicated to bringing about full LGBT equality to America’s military.  I think there are 21 authors who are participating this time.  Wow, that’s amazing that there are so many who are willing to donate so much time and effort.

I’m also scheduled for a blog hop with these participating authors.  This will be my first one, so I really hope I do it right.

I’m still ambiguous about this blog.  I’ve got several topic I love– reading, writing, crafting and my new house.  If anyone has ever built a house with a builder, there are so many things they never tell you, so I thought that might be something of interest to people.

My posts won’t be frequent, but they should be interesting – I have a very dry sense of humor.  If anyone has any ideas or comments, feel free to let me know.


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