Charity Sip 2013

Our Bloghop Starts Here: Torquere Press

You might ask what a Sip is – it’s a short story. In this case, 21 authors have gotten together to donate 100% of their royalties to Outserve ( and Torquere, the publisher, will be matching our donations.  It’s a great charity that helps with equal rights for LGBT in the military.  This is only the 3rd story I’ve release, so I’m very happy to be able to participate.

This is also my very first blog-hop.  As you can see from the posting, I’m very new to the blogging world.

Please enjoy the excerpt and feel free to tell me what you think.  I’m always looking for feedback.


“Jason!” he shouted, and began to squeeze his way through the throng. It was difficult and he held the baby closer, making sure that no one got anywhere near enough to touch his precious bundle.

“Jason,” he yelled several more times, waving his arm over his head when he could, trying to get his attention.

There was a sudden gap in the crowd and Ridley nearly pitched forward, catching himself at the last moment. Before him were the camouflage fatigues he’d grown so used to seeing. His eyes travelled slowly up until they lighted on the face he’d been dreaming of for so long.

“Jason,” the word came out like a benediction as his husband smiled down at him.

“Ridley,” Jason said, just as much emotion jamming his voice.

“Jason!” An ecstatic smiled forced its way out of his lips and he lunged at Jason, throwing his free arm around the taller man’s neck, pulling him down for a kiss.

Ridley could feel Jason drop his bag and wrap his arms around Ridley’s waist, pulling him closer to that taut, hot body, and squishing Boo between them. Without thinking, Ridley moaned, running his fingers through Jason’s short hair, dislodging the cap.

It felt like only moments before Barbara’s indignant squealing registered in Ridley’s brain. He pulled away so that Barbara was no longer being crushed against her Pa’s hard chest. But he couldn’t let Jason go. They kissed again, gentler this time.

“You’re here,” Ridley gasped, moving to lean his forehead against his husband’s. “I can’t believe you’re finally home.” He breathed hard, closing his eyes and sending another “thank you” to whatever gods were responsible for Jason’s safe return. His fingers tightened in Jason’s hair, as though unwilling to ever let go.

“I am.” Jason inhaled, sounding just as happy as Ridley felt. “Home at last.”

Barbara took that moment to shriek her “Daddy-pay-attention-to-me” god-awful shriek. Ridley winced — he swore Barbara was part banshee — but sighed happily. Not the first impression he was hoping for, but at least it was memorable.

Jason chuckled, his hand sliding down Ridley’s neck, as though reluctant to let go. He pulled off his cap with the other hand, shoving it into one of his many pockets.

“And here’s our sweet angel.” He smiled and let go of Ridley, reaching his arms out, offering to take Barbara. He waited patiently while Barbara stared at him, as if assessing him with her wise baby-senses, trying to decide if this new man was worthy to hold her. Not many people were, and she was very vocal about letting you know that you weren’t worthy. Making up her mind and trusting like only a baby could, Barbara launched herself at Jason. If Jason hadn’t been so quick, Ridley could have done himself serious harm trying to catch their reckless child.

“Whoa.” Jason laughed outright. “No fear here.” He swung the baby up into air, ignoring the amused people around them who were staring at the beautiful image of father and daughter. Ridley dropped the diaper bag, whipped his camera out of his pocket, and filmed the whole thing. He’d been waiting for this day for forever and he wasn’t about to miss it for anything. Pa and daughter’s first meeting: priceless.

Thank you all for your support and enthusiasm.


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