Happy Summer

Happy summer! Did you miss me?  I certainly missed being here.  So sorry for the extra long delay.  For those of you guys with awesome imaginations – no, I wasn’t abducted by aliens, or whisked away to some fairy tale land, and I was not in jail.  But the food was almost as bad as jail.

But I’m back. I’m way behind in my plans and machinations, but that’s the way life goes.  There’s always something interesting (aka drama) in my life.

I did manage to write The Golden Balls, a really short story for Mythologically Torqued – Volume 1 for Torque press late last year, but that’s all I managed to do.  It was a fun to work on and I always did like fairy tales.  I thought it would help put me back into the writing mood, but I got interrupted yet again.

I’m planning to have Cherry Job – the sequel to Rim Job done before the end of summer. And then we’ll see where it goes from there.  I’ve got lots of plans and half written stories, we’ll just have to see what’s calling to me to be finished.

Hope you all had a great spring and that you get lots of reading and playing around done this summer. I promise I’ll do a better job of updating!  See you soon.


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