Hi all! I’m primarily a m/m romance author, currently published with Torquere Press.  I live way up north where the beautiful scenery and incredible (but sometimes weird) people help place the backdrops and build ideas for some fun stories. I do my best writing when it’s cold outside and the laptop sitting on my legs and the frantic keyboarding help to keep me warm.

I’ve been writing a long time – mostly making up stories for why something very strange happened – but I’ve only been published for the past two years.

I have more hobbies than money or time, but I think they’re all fun. If I wasn’t doing something, I’d go out of my mind with boredom. Right now I’m into quilting, cross stitch and needle point  But I’ve also done knitting, crocheting, needle tatting, shuttle tatting (that’s hard!), latch hooking, cake decorating, sewing… and on. The list never seems to end.

I’m desperately hoping they invent something to keep us all young and limber, otherwise I’ll never get done all my projects.

Feel free to contact me at any time delilahstorm@hotmail.com. I love to hear from everyone.


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