Published Books

GoldenBallsCoverThe Golden Balls


Jasper is a lonely but beautiful prince whose only real companion is the country’s national treasure, the Golden Ball. That is until Jasper meets Anur. A surprisingly gifted and handsome bright green toad, Anur saves Jasper from a potential flogging. Can the two lovers make a happily ever after for themselves? Or will the twisted machinations of a greedy, possessive king allow him to get what he wants instead – the Golden Ball, Jasper locked in the tower and Anur – croaked.


coverIt’s Good to be Home

This is a charity story published on September 18.  There are about 21 authors who have all written short stories about men in uniform.  All authors, (including me!) are donating 100% of the royalties earned to Outserve.  To learn more about this great organization, please visit their website at:  Torqurere Press will be matching the royatlites and donating those to the organization as well.


During this last 14 month tour of duty, Jason has missed a lot, including the adoption of his and Ridley’s baby girl, Barbara.  While Ridley is ecstatic to have his husband home again, Jason’s remark that he has something they need to discuss has Ridley’s insides all knotted up.  How can he convince Jason to stay home with him and their baby and be a part of loving family, just the way they’ve always dreamed?

Only available at Torquere Books:  It’s Good to be Home

100daystochristmas  100 Days to Christmas

After nearly a year of online video chatting and text messaging, Jackson and Steve are finally going to meet in person. Jackson is a successful New York City lawyer. Steve owns a popular bakery called Sweet Cheeks, in San Diego – and with that bakery comes a touch of a dough boy body. Steve is understandably nervous and desperate to make a good impression on the man he’s fallen in love with, who has only seen him through a computer screen. Steve has a hundred days to Christmas to become the perfect package he believes Jackson wants to unwrap, over and over again. But can a clumsy chocolate fanatic more interested in feeding his personal trainer chocolate éclairs than in doing push-ups manage to stay the course?

RimJob  Rim Job

Jesse is a well respected and highly sought after top who is frustrated with the same old thing night after night. What Jesse really yearns for is a cute little lover he can call his own, someone who wants him with the same fervor he knows he can show.

Sam is a young, innocent, and angelic-looking man. He needs someone to take charge and show him what a real relationship can be. After a bad experience, Sam is understandably nervous about meeting someone new, but he really wants to meet Mr. Right.

When Jesse sees Sam across the dance floor, he knows Sam is the one for him. Now Jesse has to convince the skittish young Sam that the two of them together are much better than the two of them apart.


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